Saturday, November 15, 2008

One year and a few days later..

The light is on again..Looking around..through spider nests and dust.. Everything so familiar and still so distant.. Parts of me on the floor, on the walls, everywhere.. and still it feels like that person sitting there in the corner, looking a bit happy, a bit sad, a bit lost, is not me..
Do people change? Yes, they do. For the best, for the worst, I don't know. I guess time always shows. Do lives change? They definitely do! Mine has. And I know for sure that that's for the best.
Blowing the dust that time left on the furniture, a part of me feels like opening that door, getting out and closing it behind me for good, not willing to see this place ever again.. Yet another part of me just wants to walk into the next room and start painting the walls with new colors, choosing new furniture, a comfy sofa here, a coffee table there, the radio in the corner again.. The window wide open, the door always unlocked..


τέλσον said...

welcome back dear, we missed you...


Jimmy Bloody Rose said...

Where have you been?
Welcome Back!!!

2 Shots of Happy, 1 Shot of Sad said...

Good to see you here again :)

UrbanTulip said...

hey...missed you :)
shall i bring the wine?

LoVe Is A doG said...

Mi fugeis...Meine edw.