Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day

Photo by Ann Elliot for Time

One Issue, Our Issue

Together we can make the difference

20 Simple Things to Start with Today

1. Turn off lights when not needed.
2. Turn off other electric things, like TVs, stereos, and radios when not in use.
3. Use rechargable batteries.
4. Do things manually instead of electrically, like open cans by hand.
5. Use fans instead of air conditioners.
6. In winter, wear a sweater instead of turning up your thermostat.
7. Insulate your home so you won't be cold in winter.
8. Use less water.
9. Whenever possible, use public transport, or ride your bike or walk.
10. Don't waste products made from forest materials.
11. Use recycled paper and/or recycle it. Reuse old papers.
12. Support products that are harvested from the rainforest but have not cut down trees to get it.
13. Plant trees, espessially if you have cut one down.
14. Avoid products that are used once, then thrown away.
15. Buy products with little or no packaging.
16. Encourage your grocery store sell environmentally friendly cloth bags for people to use when they shop, or bring your own.
18. Compost.
19. Buy recycled products.
20. Don't buy products if animals were killed to make it.

Let's Prove That We Can Do It

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